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I think the expos shud play hear...


To the editor:

Oh my heavens! You are so freaking right about low attendance at the dome. Of course, Minnesotans are as gullible as anyone else, believing that buying a new stadium for a billionaire will increase tax revenue (huh?), that a government-run casino will also increase revenue (double-huh?), and that paving over the state will increase quality of life (save me, Bizarro Superman!). "Hey! Why don't we just print more money and pay off that pesky debt? Worked for the Germans! Er " Why wouldn't they believe marketing wizards who want the dome to fail so they can build a new stadium in Moorehead to justify constructing a new 19-lane super-autobahn from Minneapolis to Fargo. Did you know that the company which owns The Cracker Barrel is a huge contributor to Bush-Cheney 04? Even wingnuts gotta eat!

People are riding the Hiawatha light-rail line, but it's got to be a fluke, says the folks in charge (forgetting that their jobs depend on its success, duuuuh--better to be unemployed than wrong). Why would anyone ride a train for $1.25 when they could take the Escalade out for a nice afternoon of free parking in the center lane of I-35W between Diamond Lake Road and the Crosstown?

Sure the Dome smells bad and looks bad and you leave it wanting a shower, but the same goes for the MOA, and it's a rousing success. What's the difference, smartypants?

Oh, for Pete's sake.

Irritable Mark


They always say that a journalist should have something written about something he knows well to understand what it's like for other interview subjects. Well written. But curses, fate and natural law add up to largely the same thing to me: excuses. There is some luck involved, of course, but to me it's a lot more random than to imply a curse or natural law is at work.


Exile In Wrigleyville


Loved your story [The Southside Shall Rise Again]… you captured a very special sentiment regarding White Sox baseball.

I am in the midst of writing an academic tome on the Scandal from its origins, the 1919 World Series, the 1920 season (way overlooked in the historical analysis of the Black Sox), the 1921 trial, post-trial barnstorming efforts by the Black Sox, 1924 Jackson v. Comiskey trial, and the aftermath of the scandal and its effect on present day baseball. The project will also look at the Black Sox saga as it has been covered in film, books, poetry, and stage.

Once again, I loved your piece!!!

Dr. David Fletcher

I can't explain the White Sox, but in your recent column you say "Being a Tigers guy myself, and used to a degree of manginess in my club, I got to thinking how nice it would be if I could wax mystical on the Tigers, point to some crazy voodoo that's keeping them from success." I do, however, have some Tigers' voodoo for you to wax upon. My 99-year-old great aunt has been a devoted Tigers fan most of her life. When Sparky Anderson "retired" in 1995 she said "they chose the wrong scapegoat. Wonder when they'll figure it out." She was not happy with her team. Let the giant sucking sound begin.

About the same time she moved to Arizona and became a fan of "The Diamonds," whom, with the common midwestern dislike of snakes, she refuses to call the Diamondbacks.

Now she's back in Michigan, has forgiven Tigers' ownership and watched nearly every televised Tigers game this season. Could be this is why they're out of the cellar this year? That, and she thinks Pudge is a "good un."

As you probably know, never argue with little old ladies from Michigan--especially the stubborn Dutch ones. She's looking forward to what they can do next season.

Salt Lake City, UT


Have you ever been to a Metrodome baseball game? It isn't even baseball. I'm a long time Twins fan (36 years), and I have a very hard time going into this stadium. I take a summer vacation each year to watch the Twins outside in a real ball park. I know this lack of support hurts my home team, but that is just the way it is.

John Haeg

As a Winnipegger who has been travelling to the Cities to see the Twins since their first year in the AL (was there for the first-ever DH and also the opening of the Dome), I am not surprised at the poor attendance. In May, we paid well over 20 bucks with agency fee and taxes for seats so far down right field that we couldn't see Ichiro or Jacque Jones. While we were sitting there, we were wondering how the young families in attendance could afford to go to many games and speculated that they probably didn't.

As much as I hate the Dome, I would think that it's the ticket, parking and concession prices that keep people away in a region that not only has the NFL, NBA and NHL (well, sometimes), but also popular college and high school sports. That being said, any tickets available for the playoffs as we northerners aren't in the position to purchase the entire playoff package?

Kent Morgan

So now I guess you'll have to have a "Name the Xpos Kontest", since Texas holds the rights to the Senators. My vote is the Washington Marion Barry's.

John Schilling
Minneapolis, MN

Don't be so modest - I *already* wish you ran this country!

"Beanball Is Not The Answer"

Eileen O'Brien

Where do I begin this?

Why must you torment 70 year old me who laments the White Sox,the team of my
youth growing up on the SOUTH SIDE of Chicago? I NEVER hated the Cubs; they were a joke in the 50s and early 60s.

The White Sox were in the same neighborborhood then and now. Not a problem--then! They broke my heart (especially against the Yankees as Bill Pierce lost another 18 inning game to Whitey Ford!) but they competed, Bill Veeck cared about the fans, I was PROUD of them. And it didn't take WW2 to get them into the World Series, unlike another team that I know.

But the management is awful and the ballpark,the "Cell" is hideous, even if they got rid of the "sky slopes" in left and right. The radio announcers are arrogant, especially Ed Farmer, and the tv crew a little better because of Harrelson, but I wish that the present management would either sell them or, if that fails, move them, as they almost did to Tampa before building "the Cell".

Other clubs? I liked the Twins, especially before they moved to that giant miniature golf green called '"the Humphdome". The Tigers? Yes, a great franchise having the courage to build a new ballpark as did the Lions in DOWNTOWN DETROIT. I saw them play the White Sox there in June, 2003 and I commend the Tiger front office. They, like the Indians in 'the Jake", act as if they care about the fans.

But I fondly remember "little nell", loie [sic], Chico, Billy Pierce, Jim Landis, etc. They didn't win that much but AT LEAST the management and fans cared! I don't care what happens to them anymore.

Roger Hamburg
South Bend, Indiana

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by Arnold Hano

(if only to remind us that there was a time when the Brahmins weren't the only ones who could afford a W.S. ticket)

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