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I am disappointed that the new Washington ball club ignored this former Southeast DC resident's suggestion ("Exposés") for a name (Wonkette could be the mascot!). Further, I think that their choice of name ("Nationals") is too neutral, and their choice of cap logo ( a dynamic "W," stands for "Dubya!"Condi could be their mascot! ) is not neutral enough. I propose they could add some charm by calling themselves the "Reagan Nationals."

Irritable Mark

Enjoyed the reads.

But since Jeff and Peter both missed 3 out of 4 LDS winners, perhaps you should refrain from prognostications.

Alan R. Holst

Great article on the White Sox... With the Red Sox just having won, your article is even more timely. Jesus, it hurts being a Sox fan, but I love them so much. Thanks for the article.

Tom Haffner

My suggestion for my new home team is to name them after the greatest player in Senators historythe Washington Johnsons. Think of the logo and mascot possibilities.

Sumner Steinfeldt
Washington, DC

With the Athletics and the Giants out of the post-season, the slight urge this only-a-little-bit-interested-in-baseball guy has to watch the post season has diminished considerably. Good luck to your Twins though. Call me if the Yanks start to lose, then I’ll tune in again. Meanwhile, I’m going to watch a much more interesting bloodsport this evening: the VP debate.

- ringy

Literally, this just happened:

Watching The Daily Show to see John Stewart's coverage of the Vice Presidential Debate. It ends, so I channel surf over to ESPN, thinking "hey, I think I heard the Twins beat the Yanks yesterday, this might be an interesting game". Flip the channel, and, I swear to God, I have time enough to see that the score is tied 6 to 6 in the 12th before I hear "And Jeter pours it on! And the Yankees win it!!!"

I turn off the TV. Wake me when the Twins start kicking their ass

- ringy

Here's my idea for the name of a new Washington baseball team.

In 2005, the Expos will be playing at RFK Stadium in Washington. Since many people in town have equated the name Senators with a losing franchise, (First in War, first in peace, last in the American (soon to be National League), I would call the team the Washington Nationals (or maybe Monuments). In 2008 the Nationals/Monuments will move to a new stadium along the banks of the scenic Anacostia River (I would hope that a naming contest would be extended to rename the River). Starting in 2008, I would move the Nationals/Monuments AAA affiliate to Washington and let them play in refurbished and historic RFK Stadium. Not only would it be the biggest minor league park in the country (seating over 50,000) but the name of the team could be changed to the Washington Senators.

Gary Rosenthal

I saw only the tail end of the game but I admire the Twins with their 'National League'style of play and skimpy payroll. They embody the spirit of Clark Griffith ,the owner of their avator,the Washington Senators.(Not to call the new Washington team "the Senators" would be a travesty.) All those Cuban sugar cane pickers who pitched and slaved for nothing for Clarkah,the memories!

I say all this knowing that they always beat "my" team,the White Sox who feature overpaid people like Frank Thomas. The Twins embody the work ethic of the Germans, Swedes, and the earnest people of the Twin Cities like Bud Grant and the old Vikings. Now if they could only get out of the "Humphdome" and build a retractable roof stadium!

As for the Yankees I admire Jeter and Williams,two great "pros".Steinbrenner? I
THOUGHT that he would pay $1000,000,000 for Randy. The Bosox (or,as they were called years ago,the Gold Sox) bought Schilling expressly to beat the
Yankees.We shall see.


Is Pete Schilling related to the old Bosox 2nd baseman Chuck Schilling? Remember him with Frankie Malzone; Norb Zauchin; Sammy White; Russ Nixon; Willard Nixon; Frank Sullivan; Gene Conley; Tom Brewer; Ike Delock; Teddy Ballgame; Tommy Umphlett; Jimmy Piersall; Jackie Jensen; Don Schwall; Don Buddin; Pumpsie Green; Tracy Stallard; Galen Cisco; Mike Fornieles; and, Pinky Higgins? Jim Pagliaroni; and, Bob Tillman?

I enjoy your informaive website-Go Bosox!

Lee Ortenstein

I don't know if you'll get this or not, but I just want to tell you I enjoy your page more than any other page on the internet, and I thank you for your efforts.

Just terrific. A great job.


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(Not William S. Burroughs)

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